Working in teams?

If you work in teams, or have multiple projects at the same time, Rocketium allows you to segregate and manage their data into separate workspaces.
Multiple members can be added to each workspace to enable working in teams (however, a unique creative can be edited only on one machine at a time).
Images/videos created in a particular workspace are visible only to the members in that workspace. The account owner has access to all the workspaces and creatives inside them. Workspaces for an account can be accessed here -
Note: You can easily move creatives within teams by clicking on the three dots that can be seen on their card in the dashboard. Once you click on them, you can either move or copy videos.

Workflow Tab

Rocketium’s collaboration workspace lets you categorize videos into task lists for a unified view of all your video projects.
The workflow tab lets you track progress on all your videos and move them across lists to get to the finish line faster.
You can also delegate video creation by assigning videos to members of your content team. You can also review and add comments instantly to avoid email back and forths.

Copying a creative from one workspace to another

When you click on those 3 dots on the top right of the video, you will get this "Copy/Move video", clicking on that you will get something like this:
Select the target workspace and then the appropriate list within the workspace and click on Move/Copy.
You will be able to copy easily through this.