Media Library

Any media that you upload on the Rocketium editor, is stored in your personal media library.
You can access you previously uploaded media from with the "Replace Media" modal in the editor, or from the Media Library tab in the account dashboard.
Users can also add custom-tags to their media assets for organizing their media better.
Rocketium provides free 10GB storage for all paid users. Please contact your account manager if you have a custom requirement for storage or features.
To clarify, the music provided in the Rocketium library is indeed royalty-free and is attributed to the original musician as required at the start of every video. All of the music has been acquired legally (paid and unpaid) and is free to use for commercial purpose as well.
The problem lies with the social media channels as they aren't able to ascertain the usage rights on the original music and quite blatantly, for the lack of information, issue a blanket warning to everyone if they find that a music piece is used in another video.
Owner of this content should be attributed as the source by putting the required name details on the image/ video in the bottom right corner. No further action is required by the user.