Test account experience

Create your first project

  1. 1.
    Click on the ‘New Project’ button
2. Select a template from the choice
3. Choose the sizes you want to create
4. Start your project

Auto-generate adapts


Resizing lets you auto-generate size adapts.
  • Select 'Edit sizes' from the size dropdown
  • Select 'Add a new size'. Here you can choose to add custom sizes
  • Add dimensions, name, and save your size
  • You can now resize the adapt as per the number of channels you need it for
  • Simply choose the size from the sizing dropdown
Note: You will notice that sizes from your 'Aspect Ratio' tab within the 'Branding' section also appear here. You can add all your regular sizes from the 'Aspect Ratio' tab and setup your template in all sizes.

AI copywriting

You can autogenerate copies with the copywriter.
  • Select ⚡symbol next to the text that you want to edit
  • Choose your action -- reword or generating a sort of text
  • You can select options and then apply them
  • You can also generate more options
Note - When you choose to generate text, you will need to provide tags as applicable

Styling panel

Styling your images and text
Click on the magic wand on each element to open up the styling panel for a chosen element. Note: Click on the arrow (>) to your extreme right, and choose the element you would like to style if you don’t see the panel.

Media styling

You can go into the depths of layer arrangement, layout placement, zoom, set borders, add shadows, blur effects, or more!

Text styling

You can move text layers, change typography, change colors, add borders, padding, and effects.

Scale with spreadsheet

Create as many variants of your project as you’d want to -
  • Export and create a spreadsheet, so you know the columns you need
  • Fill it out with the details of the copies, offers, and images you want to add
Note - Image links should be URLs that should be publicly accessible Remember to save the file as a .CSV one • Now import this spreadsheet into your project
• Import from the same option and create variants as you see fit