Starting Video creation

On the Campaign page, you should typically have set of templates readily available for use. In case you need more help understanding templates, visit this section, if you need to set up more templates, contact your admin or your account manager.
  • Choose the right template in the sizes that you require
  • Once you get to the editor, you can enter the campaign name and begin editing your template to create videos.

Editing Captions

All the text elements in the template are editable through the textboxes present on the left side of the panel.
When you click on the option, you will see that Bold and Italic options appear.

Editing Images/Videos

You can easily change the images/videos in your video.
  • Hover over the relevant image thumbnail on the left side of the screen and click on the (pencil-like) 'edit icon' to open the upload media window.
  • Click on the 'replace media" option. You get multiple options to add new media to your banner.
  • Pick an image or video from the desired source and click on the 'choose' button. The selected image will be replaced in the banner.
  • You will also notice that there is a 'Trim' option below, that opens a window with the footage and an editor that helps shorten the video.
  • You can adjust the length of the video and click on 'Trim' to finalize the new length of the footage.

Editing your Videos

Double clicking on the preview of a footage vide opens the following options -
  • Fonts - You can upload a font (as long as you have access to do that) or change the font from the given list of options
  • Color - You can edit text, highlight, background and shadow colors as long as you are not prescribed a set brand palette
  • Animation - As long as a template rule is not locked the given animation, you can edit the animation from the list here
  • Caption Size - You can choose a caption size from the given drop down
  • Alignment - You can align the text in different ways
  • Border Radius - A wide range of border radius options are here
  • Line Spacing - Select as required from the number line
  • Word Spacing - Select as required from the number line
  • Letter Spacing - Select as required from the number line
Double clicking the background layer of the footage video opens the following options -
  • Filters - Choose the color of the filter you would want
  • Volume - Set the volume of the VO/ music
  • Scene Animation - Change scene animation here. This is different from the element animation we saw above
  • Color - Change background color
  • Fit/Fill - The behavior of the background layer
  • Positioning - Can choose from a list of positioning options
  • Zoom and Pan - A slider that lets you asses the nature of the Zoom and Pan options

Creating variants

To make Variants on the campaign page:-
We have an option at the bottom right corner of the screen to add a variant. This adds in the copy of the last variant on the editor. OR
  • On the left-hand side of the campaign editor, near the campaign name, we have a series of three dots " ⋮ ". Post clicking the icon we get a drop-down menu in which we have the clone option available.
  • This will create a copy of the variant available on the campaign and makes the desired edits.

Importing and Exporting data through spreadsheets

On the campaign editor screen, we have an option to directly import the data onto the Rocketium platform through a spreadsheet. We can achieve this by -
  • On the top left corner of the editor screen, we will have an option to Export to spreadsheet with a download symbol - This will give you the exact layout of the spreadsheet with the editable fields to be changed.
  • We can go ahead and change the Images/Videos (By adding publicly uploaded links) and text(Based on variant needs)one after the other in the rows below the first version.
  • Once completed save the sheet and get back to the campaign editor screen.
  • On the bottom right corner of the editor screen, we have a CTA which reads as "Import from spreadsheet"
  • By clicking on this we can import the saved spreadsheet. Further, we have an option if we would like to append to the current variants or replace. Once chosen all the variants will be visible one after the other on the left-hand side of the editor screen

Bulk Voice Over Creation with Text-to-Speech

When you upload a spreadsheet, you can also convert voice to speech, there by powering your videos with evocative voice over without the hassle of audio files. This, as you can see is a great example of a personalized video campaign. Different, named users will be sent the video.
The spreadsheet that will be imported will also have specified columns and text captions (to be made into voice over) as per the scenes. Note - remember to save your file as a .csv file and import it from the right corner Import from Spreadsheet button.
Once you import your .csv file, you will see that the convert speech to text check box appears. Check this box. Next, you can choose from the list of options here on the language, style and voice customization.
Once you hit Apply, you will see that your different versions are ready to be shared - all across the sizes you have chosen too.

Save and Export

Once the creatives are worked upon, We have an option to either save the campaign and edit later/Export later or export the campaign directly. This can be done by the finish CTA at the top left corner of the editor screen, on click we get the drop-down option of the two options.

Manage the Video Campaigns

Once the creatives are saved/exported we can find the campaigns on the campaigns section on the left-hand panel of the campaign product screen.
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