Analytics gives users a snapshot of their consumption of Rocketium -- broken down by image, video, date, users. The data is available in terms of statistics as well as graphs. Analytics can be configured by the admin as per their role-based access.

Access and set-up

  • You can access analytics from your account on the Analytics tab - on the left panel.
  • If you do not see analytics enabled, contact your admin or Account Manager who can help you set it up.


  • When you log into your Rocketium account, you will see that the Analytics option appears on the left side as a menu option.
    • Click on it to access your Analytics.
  • Within Analytics, you will find detailed information on time and money saved, number of projects created, number of creatives made, projects by date, projects by users, creatives by users, creatives by dates, media storage and the number of files.
  • You can choose the date range that you want to select for the data on the right top corner. Click on the data range and set a timeline on the calendar that appears.
  • Each graph has three options within a drop down -- All, Images or Videos
  • You can also choose to view data for a specific workspace or for all workspaces available. Click on the Workspace drop down next to the calendar dates.


  • Teams typically use analytics to understand the pace of their operations -- uploads per day, creatives made by one person or for an individual project.
  • Teams can also use this information to understand the bottlenecks --for example, what can help save more time, what is taking more time - videos or images.