Save ready-to-use styles to mix and match between your favourites and eliminate all repeats while creating or updating templates.

Text Presets

Create a Preset Style

  • You can create a preset from the styling panel.
  • Select the text you want to save.
  • Click on Save style. Name your style
You can access all your text preset styes from your library as long as you select a text element on the canvas. If you select an image, shape or bacground element, the presets will not be visible. Select the text element and the ribbon for all the options.

Add a Preset Style a Project

You can add a preset to a project you are editing by clicking on it from your library. Since presets are saved at a workspace level, you can mix and match between templatized styles.

Add a Preset to a New Template

  • You can add presets to New Templates and skip steps while creating templates.
  • To add a preset, just add a text box and then choose a corresponding preset.
Note - Your preset will add the text styling only. You will have to add copies are required.