Errors and Warnings

Error Messages and Solutions

All sizes within your PSD do not seem to have an artboard

SOLUTION - Remember to set up each size in its own exclusive artboard

You seem to be trying to import a 16 or a 32 bit PSD file

SOLUTION - Please save your PSD as an 8-bit one only

The layer hierarchy in your PSD seems to be irregular

SOLUTION - Please maintain a uniform layer structure for all the artboards

Your PSD seems to have adjustment/ layermasked layers. They are not supported

SOLUTION - Ensure that you merge and rasterize adjustment/layermasked layer
Note: The maximum resolution of the supported PSD is 3000 by 3000.

Warning Messages and Tips

The clip mask within your PSD will import as separate PNGs

TIP - Merge the clip mask and layer together so it imports as a whole

Your preview could be distorted since layers across aspect ratios are mixed up

TIP - Have a uniform layer structure for ALL the artboards within a file

Your PSD contains blending modes that are not supported

TIP - Certain blending modes are not supported
Remove dissolve, linear burn and linear dodge from your PSD

Your PSD contains layer styles (overlays and shadow styles) that are not supported

TIP - Eliminate overlay layer styles from your PSD while importing
Remove shadow styles from your PSD and instaed recreate effect within Rocketium

Your PSD contains a colorspace that is not supported

TIP - Rocketium only supports 8-bit RGB colorspace. Save your PSD accordingly