A selection of frequently asked questions with links to documentation for self-help.


How can I import a PSD file?

Prepare your PSD file as described and upload it from the new template tab. If you encounter errors, here are tips.

How should I prepare my PSD for this import?

Here are details on preparing your file for import.

How can I upload fonts or images?

You can upload your font from the styling panel (font styles) if you have the admin rights to do it. If not, your account manager should be able to help you with it.
You can always upload images onto your design, by selecting 'Add element'. The steps are detailed here.

Will my template work in different sizes? How to enable that?

You can add multiple sizes from the 'Edit sizes' option from the sizing menu. Here are the steps on adding sizes.

Can I restrict editing to my templates?

As an admin, you can monitor all fine-grained role access from the steps here. Additionally, your account manager should be able to customize your team's access controls.

How can I share my template with teams?

You can share a template with all your workplaces by toggling the option and off.

What are the keyboard shortcuts available?

The entire list of shortcuts is listed here.


Can I edit a given template?

Not all accounts have access to edit a template. You can, however, add content to templates and make projects by scaling the template. If you are a designer and want to edit a template, you can do that by clicking on the edit option. If you are only looking to create a project with your template, do that click on a template and select sizes to get started. Find detailed guides here - Add content to scale Add elements

How do I create variants with a given template?

You can add variants by clicking on the 'Add variants' button in the bottom left corner of the editor screen. You can scale your content with spreadsheets too. Detailed steps are here.

How does spreadsheet import work?

You can scale your content with spreadsheets by saving a .CSV file with all the details you need. The steps are here.

Can I bulk edit variants of creatives?

Yes, bulk editing is supported. You can find the steps to do it here.

Should I prepare the spreadsheet for import?

You can download a spreadsheet of the design you wish to scale. This would indicate the columns to recreate. You can populate the columns, save the file as .CSV, and scale the file.

Why are my editing options restricted?

If you are an admin, you can configure editing within the team tab. If not, your role in itself may be restricted as per policy. Your admin or your account manager could help you.

I want to remove background for my files while uploading them

You can do that by clicking on the remove BG option while uploading. Or after uploading, you can choose to do it from the edit icon option available on the image.

How does the AI copywriter work?

Here are the steps on using the AI writer.


How can I comment on a creative or tag my teammates on it?

Here are all the steps to place comments, and tag teammates.

Can a non-user get tagged or view the creative?

You can share links with 'view only' access. You can configure it within the link.

Can I share the file on external channels for review?

You can integrate your account with slack, drive or simply share a 'view link'.

What are the best ways to organize my files on Rocketium?

You can organize all your files on the media library as per your projects, or tags that help discover the most important files. Here is the section on the media library to do that.

I want to enable different project views

Within your workspace, you can toggle between different views in the right corner to change the view of your projects.

Can I tag and discover files for reuse?

You can tag your files as you upload them to the library. This way, discovery becomes easy both for reuse in design or while sharing with teammates. You can read all about managing the media library here.


How can I download files? Can I bulk download?

You can bulk download your files as a zip (compressed) file. Do that by selecting download from the export screen. You can also select the format or the variants you want to download.

What are my options to export and share files?

You can edit and save your files for future use. You can export them and download them in various formats. You can also share links for upload.

How can I run Facebook Campaigns on Rocketium?

Yes, you can. Here is a complete guide to doing that.

Why am I unable to launch campaigns?

There must be an error with your business manager integration. Talk to your admin or your account manager for immediate support.

Photoshop import error messages and solutions

Each size should have its own exclusive artboard.

SOLUTION - Validate that each new size has its own artboard.

Only 8-bit files are supported.

SOLUTION - Change 16-bit and 32-bit files to 8-bit.

The same layers must be present across all artboards.

SOLUTION - Ensure that all artboards must have the same number of layers.

Adjustment layer must be merged and rasterized with the parent layer.

SOLUTION - Presently, Rocketium does not support the import of adjustment layer.
Please remove all such layers or merge/rasterize with parent layer.

Layer masks must be merged and rasterized with the parent layer.

SOLUTION - Presently, Rocketium does not support the import of layer masks.
Please remove all such layers or merge/rasterize with parent layer.

Photoshop import warning messages and tips

Clip masks are not supported yet. Merge the clip mask and the layer.

TIP - Select layers, right click and merge the clip mask with the parent layer.

Your preview could be different from the imported file.

TIP - Please ensure that all layers have the same name and order.
Special characters are not accepted.
The import is letter space and case sensitive.

Blending mode used is not supported.

TIP - All blending modes are supported except -
dissolve, linear burn and linear dodge.
Replace them with another for seamless import.

Layer styles are not supported yet.

TIP - Eliminate overlay layer styles from your PSD while importing.
Remove shadow styles from your PSD and instead recreate effect within Rocketium.

Rocketium only supports 8-bit RGB colorspace.

TIP - Ensure that your file is not in any other colorspace.