Your assets have increasingly shorter lifespans and they are dynamic – with a constant stream of changes made to the format or the message. 'Smart'links reflect this need to catch up. They are links that can be predefined so that the assets they carry change, even as the link remains constant. They can be defined with ‘tags’ – so the appropriate banner or asset is chosen.
  • Automate workflow so your campaign chooses assets from a defined link with tags instead of having to ‘upload’ creatives. Maximize both personalizations as well as refresh rates
  • Share links so your team can get the ‘latest versions’ of assets without back and forth
As long as this module is enabled for you, your links will have the feature. Here is how you can enable 1. Add tags (metadata) to your spreadsheets and upload like you would with any project.
2. Your project can be accessed with the tags you want to fetch the content with from the 'share' tab
3. API information is detailed here so you can enable an automated loop
You can set access and share links for review.

Share to slack

Share to slack is an option built to make it simple for users to share their creatives directly with their teams on their work channels. The feature works as the integration between Slack and Rocketium.


  • You can access the option by clicking the dotted drop-down button on a Project within a workspace.
  • If you don’t see the option, talk to your Account Manager or Admin for access.


  • You can choose the variant you want to share within the campaign.
  • After choosing the creative, you can share
  • Once shared, you see that you can choose the channel you wish to share it. Besides, you can rename the file and add notes you want to share.
  • Once you enter the details, you can publish the creative to the channel of your choosing.
  • The creative will be shared with details such as the name of the campaign, details on the variant, style, and size

After Sharing

  • Users can directly go to Rocketium from slack to view the creative or make edits
  • To view the creative, click on the ‘View on Rocketium’ option, to Edit the creative, click on the ‘Edit on Rocketium’ option
Users must have an account on Rocketium in order to edit the creative. If you are facing difficulty sharing, please talk to your Admin/ Account Manager