Manage media library

On the left-hand panel on the campaign homepage, we have the third section called as Media Library The media library is the repository of all the Images and Videos you have uploaded on the Rocketium platform. The upload may be on the media library or on the editor page of the campaign.

How to add Images/Videos to the Media Library

This page has a CTA on the top left corner to add the Images or the Video from various sources to the Rocketium platform. This is either possible as individual files or as a complete folder.
On selection of the folder option from the drop-down, you are redirected to the folder we can rename it based on our nomenclature. Once uploaded this remains in the stock till deleted.

White background removal feature

On the media library tab, we have an advanced feature embedded which automatically removed the white background of a particular image. This is useful in banner creation.

Post media upload

Once the media is uploaded into the library, It will appear on the screen once the process is complete. On hover on the image we a few icons on the top left corner of the image:- 1)🔗 - This symbol is to copy the link of the image for use 2)ⓘ - This symbol provides unique information about the image uploaded 3)⋮ - This symbol leads to a drop-down option in which we can:- a)Delete the media b)Edit the tags of the media - Add tags to find the media from the search bar above c)Replace media d)Move media to a folder e)Add a description to the media

Search bar within Media library

In due course of time as you start to create multiple files, there will be a large set of creatives as a repository. Finding an image from the lot can be similar to finding a needle in a haystack.
Thus to ease your pain, Rocketium has a feature to sort the Media based on:- 1) Nature or media - Images / Videos / Logos 2)Tags added to the images.