Comment allows users to collaborate on a creative in real-time. The feature allows users to place feedback on individual variants of creatives or on the whole campaign in general. While the feature is available within Campaigns, admins can govern individual accesses with role-based configuration.

Access and set-up

  • Once a Campaign loads, you will notice that the top left panel will have two tabs - one that marks View and appears as the default view on starting. Another, that marks the Comment
  • Click on Comment
Highlighted section marks 'Comment'.
  • Now, you will see that space with a cursor appears wherein you can type and post comments
This is where users can place comments


1. Comments generally show up on the variant of the creative you have chosen. If you need to place a general comment, tick the checkbox ‘Mark as All Variants’. You will see that the comment appears on the campaign overall.
2. If you notice that the Comment feature is not enabled for you, talk to your admin or account manager who can help you enable it.


Users can tag each other on comments so the right stakeholders get notified as per need.

To tag,

  • Press @ and you will notice that a drop down with a list of names appear
  • The list will be of users of the particular workspace
  • Choose the user(s) appropriate for a comment
Press @ to find the list of users you would like to tag
  • Once you tag a user, he/she can access the comment in real-time
  • The tagged user can also immediately access the variant on which the comment has been placed - since the variant is linked
  • The tagged user can make changes if necessary and place further feedback - using the functionality as a ‘Chat’ option

View and Export

  • When you Export a Creative/ Campaign, you will notice that all the comments within are also exported
  • They will be accessible within the comment section
The conversation appears as a chat.
Uses and Tips
Comment/ Review serves different purposes within a project. It lets users
  • Provide real-time feedback and collaborate on a creative
  • Correct/ notify stakeholders
  • Approve/ disapprove a creative without having to export and share a large file on another platform
  • Eliminate confusions on clones or multiple variants of a creative
  • Tag only relevant stakeholders so not everyone gets involved