About Campaign

Rocketium helps businesses improve customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion with relevant visuals (banners and videos). Our powerful creative production and automation engine helps anyone (not necessarily designers) make thousands of customized visuals so users see attractive banners and videos instead of bland images.
This is the design platform that today's fast-moving, high-growth businesses need for growth marketing-- rapid creation of visuals, massive scale, collaboration, integrations, APIs, and more.
Rocketium Campaign is designed to bring a multi-fold increase in speed, productivity, and effectiveness for all the stakeholders in your design ecosystem. Calculate ROI here.
Campaign enables your entire team to easily collaborate on different aspects of design production.
Brand managers, Creative operations managers, Design managers etc.
Graphic designers, Video designers etc.
Marketers, Visual merchandisers, Social-media managers etc.
Browse through this guide based on your role to understand the core capabilities of the platform better.