After signup, will the users be able to see their videos created on Rocketium Button?

Yes, this feature is possible from Rocketium's end. The process goes :- 1)Once a video is created by your users,a downloadable ".mp4 url's" is send on your email Id 2)These are downloadable media links which can also be stored on your personal space 3)These videos can be put up in your application for your users to view. If there are any further querries , Please feel free to reach out to your assigned account managers.

What features in the editor are customization for my users?

The user-experience for your users is the top most priority in terms of ease.
Thus,We at Rocketium have kept the features to be 100% configurable by controlling the on-editor features .
In the list,Some of the feature customization available include the following -
  • Defining the entry point in the editor This feature opens up a template selection page for users to pick a template OR Open a pre-defined template in the editor.
  • We have three types of editor preview namely :-
    • Off /No preview (no preview shown)
    • Basic preview (allow basic video-level editing)
    • Full preview (choose from 30+ styling categories like fonts, colors, animations, and more)
  • We can also choose to change the resolution of the exported video.The allowed resolutions are :- - Standard Definition (SD) - 360*360 - High Definition (HD) - 720*720 -Full-High Definition (Full-HD) - 1080*1080
  • These are some of the best editable features you can choose to display to your customers like:- - Options for music upload - Options for logo upload - Advance video trimmer - Multiple export-settings - A variety of layouts to choose from - The liberty of media upload from local storage units - Full access of the stock-library And many more....

How do I manage the videos and the features for different users accessing Rocketium Button?

This is possible by the following steps:-
  • By using unique identifiers for each user in Rocketium . The user data, features and videos generated by the customers can be segregated by this.
  • A new workspace can be created in Rocketium for each new user on your platform, to maintain the uniqueness.
  • The workspaceId is a unique parameter and can be used to tag and assign custom experience for each user. This can be achieved by the following steps:- -For every new user login to your application, you need to pass the workspaceId linked to this user while initializing the button editor. -Hereafter,All other feature configurations can also be modified based on the workspaceId used.

Can my users add videos to the Rocketium's media library? How do I segregate to show only their assets?

Yes, All user's can add new media from inside the video editor. - This is possible by the edit icon shown in the red box on the editor video - All the media once uploaded will be available on the users media library for further user.
Any new media added in the editor is automatically added your account in Rocketium. Hence, these media assets can be accessed later as well.
NOTE If you want to segregate the assets based on the workspace used to upload these assets, you need to pass this configuration parameter at button initialization.
"show-Workspacelevel-Media": true

I don't want users to upload media in Rocketium's library. Can we serve media from our own servers?

Yes, Rocketium allows you to fully control how the data is added by your users
  • You can disable the media-upload and stock-library options for the users by using the configurations below -
"media-upload": false,
"stock-library": false,
  • Rocketium can also request media from your media servers to be shown inside the button editor. This is done using the custom-media-search function.
NOTE For this, you need to provide a GET method API for us to query media links with a unique user-id to identify the assets required. The button snippet should have this configuration while initializing the editor.