Rocketium: Introduction


Rocketium's powerful platform helps businesses create images and videos at scale. It comprises multiple products and building blocks that can be used in multiple ways to scale creative production.

The basics

The core of Rocketium is our proprietary data format. It is a simple representation of visuals (images, videos) that separates content (text, images, videos, audio) from visual style (font, color, animation, line spacing, ...).

A template with content placeholders

Consider the creative above. It can be represented by the data shown below.

"themeId": "THEME12345",
"scenes": [
"image": {
"elements": [
{ "url": "LOGO PLACEHOLDER" },
{ "text": "BANNER TITLE" },
{ "text": "SUBTEXT" },
{ "text": "POINT-1" },
{ "text": "POINT-2" },
{ "text": "POINT-3" },
{ "text": "BUTTON TEXT" }

This format can be used to make creatives by changing each of the placeholders. This can be done either with a user interface or programmatically.

Creatives made using the template

Rocketium products

Rocketium has 3 products that enable the creation of images and videos.

  1. Rocketium Code is a collection of APIs that can be used to create images and videos programmatically without any manual intervention.

  2. Rocketium Button is a white-label banner and video creator that can be embedded on any website to let its users make creatives quickly.

  3. Rocketium Studio is a browser-based image and video creator.


  1. Scale - Thousands of visuals can be made using the same template.

  2. Standardization - All the visuals will match a brand’s standard visual style. When the style updates, the visuals can be recreated in minutes with no manual intervention.

  3. Experimentation - The same content can be rendered in different visual styles, sizes, and content. This enables creation to suit different platforms and experiments with how the creatives look.

Our research over the past 3 years and 1M+ lines of software have added powerful capabilities to our platform:-

  • Superfast scalable rendering - We can render thousands of visuals with serverless computing. Images render in <1s and videos in 1.5x the video’s runtime (20x+ faster than Adobe software).

  • Complete creative control - Brands have complete creative control to make master templates using Photoshop files and customizing 30+ style parameters (fonts, colors, line spacing, …).